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Players Sports Group: Chicago's Recreational Sports and Social Club Players Sports Group: Chicago's Recreational Sports and Social Club

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Privacy Policy


During registration, you are asked for personally identifying information, including your email address and the email address of your co-captain or teammates, if applicable. We never sell our contact lists. We use your contact information to keep you advised on your registration, on league scheduling and updates and weekly email updates. You can unsubscribe at any time to the weekly email updates; however, you'll continue to receive league-specific instructions or information.




The following is an outline of company policy for all Players Sport & Social Group (PSSG) leagues and events. PSSG leagues and tournaments are viable and will operate with a minimum of four (4) teams per league*. PSSG classes/clinics are viable and will operate with a minimum of four (4) participants. Upon becoming viable, there are absolutely no refunds, credits, vouchers, or transfers to a future season, no matter the circumstances (which also includes, but is not limited to illness and injury). Prior to viability there is a processing fee for any/all team refunds. That fee will be 8% of the refunded amount (including any applicable taxes) or $25, whichever amount is greater.


*Exception applies to double header leagues - Three (3) teams are the minimum in such leagues.




If a league, tournament or clinic does not become viable, full refunds will be given if team, group or individual does not want to, or cannot, be placed in another PSSG operation. Times and locations are as listed. However, PSSG reserves the right to change specific locations and operating times as necessary due to any required scheduling changes either on a weekly or seasonal basis.


Independent registrants ("indy" players, skills clinic participants, etc.) placed in any of their listed choices are not eligible for any refunds. Prior to an independent registrant's placement, he/she may request a refund minus a 8% processing fee (including any applicable taxes).




All coupons are online offers only and are not redeemable in person or over the phone.


Any discount programs being offered may not be combined. 


All PSSG sport leagues, tournaments, classes and clinics have a minimum age requirement of 19 years old. All PSSG social events and leagues that take place in a bar have a minimum age requirement of 21 years old.


New captains and individual registrants may be contacted regarding requested skill level. PSSG reserves the right to refuse any individual or team without explanation.


Upon registration, PSSG league rules and regulations are to be followed by any and all team members and individuals. All participants of each PSSG league or event must sign a waiver of liability to participate. Failure or refusal to waive liability will result in non-participation for that individual and will void any refund or future credit. Rules and league regulations are available online. Failure to abide by PSSG rules and regulations will result in forfeiture of league/event participation and void any refunds.


Teams are bound to the league level they originally sign up for once a schedule is posted. If you are unsure of the proper level to sign up for, please call the office prior to signing up.


Any player or team removed from a league or suspended for any amount of time for disciplinary reasons or excessive forfeits are not eligible for any refunds. A team winning a game or games due to a forfeiture by an opponent is not eligible for a refund for the game(s) not played.


All coupons are online offers only and are not redeemable in person or over the phone.


Team Payer: Team captains are responsible and will be charged immediately for any teammate charge backs, declines or cancellations regardless of the reason or timing of the cancellation.

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