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Weather Updates

When there is inclement weather, the PSSG Staff works hard to determine in a timely fashion if games will need to be canceled. Since weather conditions can change, decisions regarding game cancellation are not made until 4:45 PM on weekdays and 90 minutes prior to the first game on the weekends. Please do not contact our main office number with weather inquiries.


Is My Game Still On?

  • If there has been inclement weather in the area within 48 hours of your game, please contact the PSG Weather Line to ensure your field is playable.
  • If there is inclement weather in the area at 4:45pm, please call the PSG Weather Line before heading to the field.
  • Weather Lines are updated throughout the night so call 1 hour prior to start of first game for updated messages.
  • If you call prior to 4:45pm and there is an outdated message from a previous day, this means that currently games are still on as scheduled. Please call back after 4:45pm to verify if your game is on as scheduled.


Weather Line


All locations will now share one weather line number - (773) 231-5001. Each location has its own extension. 



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