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Thanks to everyone who came out to the 9th Annual Big Dig!










Men's 2's Open: Buehring/McCarthy

Men's 2's A: Polish Pokers

Men's 2's BB:  Old and Older

Men's 2's B: Howard/Hales

Women's 2's Open: Jungnickel/Balich

Women's 2's A:  Team Kaela

Women's 2's BB: Lex + EJ

Women's 2's B: Dat Pass

Coed 2's A: Hack/Lutjen

Coed 2's BB: The Harrisons

Coed 2's B: Pasadita

Men's 4's BB:  We always get it up

Coed 4's A: Snuffleupagus

Coed 4's BB: Calm down, we got this

Coed 4's B: Winter is here

Coed 4's Rec: Sets Appeal

Coed 6's B:  Ay Caramba

Coed 6's Rec:  Spikological Warfare



2v2: Slide it in



Upcoming Tournaments


Click here for a list of all upcoming tournament dates!      





Upcoming Volleyball Tournaments

Upcoming Volleyball Tournaments

Players is your one-stop shop for all things volleyball! We run tourneys year round in Chicago & the Midwest! Choose from beach & grass in the summer or indoor in the fall, winter & spring! Follow the links for more info!


Next Tournaments:


8/26 - Players Beach Series #9 @ North Ave Beach - Register Here!

9/9 - Fall Grass Luau @ Diversey Fields - Register Here!

9/10 - Players Beach Series #10 @ North Ave Beach - Register Here!

9/23 - Players Beach Series Championships @ North Ave Beach - Register Here!

11/4 - Volley-Ween Indoor Luau @ Energy in Niles, IL - Register Here!


View all upcoming volleyball tournaments!


Featured Events

2017 Players Beach Series - 5/13, 5/21, 6/4, 6/17, 6/25, 7/9, 7/23, 8/5, 8/26, 9/10, 9/23

2017 Beach Slap - 6/10 at North Avenue Beach in Chicago

2017 Juniors Beach Events - 6/25, 7/9, 8/5

2017 Luau Milwaukee - 6/24 in Milwaukee 

2017 Luau Chicago - 7/22 & 7/23 in Chicago

2017 Big Dig - 8/12 at North Avenue Beach in Chicago

2017/2018 Luau Indoor Series - 11/4/17, 12/9/17, 1/20/18, 4/7/18 in Niles, IL

2018 USAV Sanctioned Events - Dates coming soon!



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