Women's 2's Open Champs: Baleiko/Jendryk
Women's 2's A Champs: Architeach
Women's 2's BB Champs: Kiley and Maddie
Men's 2's Open Champs: Dani/Joe
Men's 2's A Champs: Wombo Combo
Men's 2's BB Champs: Mike and E
Men's 2's B Champs: Beta Blockers (Raymund)
Men's 4's BB Champs: Fluffy Puppies
Coed 2's A Champs: Booyah!
Coed 2's BB Champs: Poo Gang
Coed 2's B Champs: Kaboom/Pemberton
Coed 4's A Champs: McRib
Coed 4's BB Champs: Average Digs
Coed 4's B Champs: Cheeky Ballers
Coed 4's Rec Champs: Ass Clappers
Coed 6's B Champs: Serv-ivors (Zach)
Coed 6's Rec Champs: Tape Sluts