Welcome to Players Sport & Social Group

Founded in 1992, Players Sport & Social Group has grown into serving over 68,000 Players each year. Players Sport & Social Group offers something for individuals & teams of all skill levels all across the Chicago area.


We invite you to check out our leagues for Basketball, Cornhole, Bowling, Beach & Indoor Volleyball, Dodgeball, Football, Kickball, Pickleball, Soccer, Softball and more as there is truly something for everyone. All of our leagues are first come, first serve. We have an early bird deadline where all teams can receive a price break if registered up by that certain date. Try to sign up as early as possible because many leagues sell out long before the early bird deadline.


We also host lots of great tournaments and social events throughout the year, including The Beach Slap Volleyball Tournament & Party, The BIG DIG Beach Volleyball Tournament, Ski & See Europe, The Lazy Run 0.5k, Chicago Wine & Whiskey Fest, and Chicago Tequila & Sangria Fest and more.



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1. How old do you have to be to play?

You have to be at least 19 years old to play in any of our sports leagues or activities. You need to be 21 for any activities that take place in a bar or for any social events.


2. What is the deadline to register for leagues?

All of our leagues are first come, first serve. We have an early bird deadline that all teams can receive a price break if they sign up by that certain date. Try to sign up as early as possible because many leagues sell out long before the early bird deadline. There is no official deadline to sign up and we can sometimes get teams in to a league after it starts.


3. How do I register?

Registration for a whole team is best done through our website by clicking, "sign up" next to the league that you want. You'll be asked some info about you, an assistant captain, and your teammates. If you don't have all of the necessary info, just fill in what you can. You'll be sent an email with a user name and password that you can add or change info later.

Registration as an individual is done through the website by clicking on the dollar amount where it is available. As you go through the process, you'll be asked to add any other leagues that you may want to play in. The more leagues you pick the greater chance you'll have of being placed on to a team. You will only be placed on to one team per sport per season unless we call you to ask if you want to play in more than one. You'll only be charged for one league.

Registration can be done over the phone or in person but we'll ask you the same questions that the website asks you. You may register over the phone or in person if you don't have internet access or have to pay with cash or a check.


4. Why do some leagues not allow individual registration?

Many of our leagues sell out quickly with existing teams or some leagues have a history of having low demand among individual players. We only have registration open to leagues that we feel have a shot at making a team of individuals.


5. After I sign up as an "indy" what happens next?

You'll be contacted shortly before the league starts with details about your league and game times or will be contacted letting you know that we unfortunately couldn't place you. You'll be refunded in full at this point. To better increase your chances of being placed, sign up sooner rather than later.


6. How do I get on the same individual team as a friend of mine?

A way to guarantee that you'll be placed on the same team as your friends is to sign up together. You will have to pay for as many total people as you are signing up.


7. Are there any other ways to get on a team?

Try our message board at https://www.facebook.com/playerssportsgroup?ref=tn_tnmn. Teams sometimes need to pick up players at the last minute or after the season starts. This is a good place to start if you want to make your own team as well.


8. Can you hold me a spot or can I put down a deposit?

Yes, teams registering prior to the early bird date can use Team Payer to make a deposit on a league and reserve their team a spot. After the deposit has been secured the captain may send payment requests to teammates and/or have the balance automatically charged to his or her credit card on the payment deadline. Remember, the captain is always responsible for payment of the league fee and deposits are non-refundable once the league becomes viable (see our refund policy below).  If you wish to pay your team fee in full at the time of registration then you still must pay the pre-set deposit amount then return to your personal player page and pay the remainder owed for your team.


9. What can I do if I have already paid and now have a sponsor check?

It is easiest to have the sponsor bar write you a check to reimburse you personally for paying for the league. If they have to write the check to us, we'll refund you the amount of the check once it clears.


10. When will I receive a schedule?

Captains and co-captains should receive an email about one week before the start of the league. If a league sells out well in advance you may get your schedule early or if we're still waiting on teams for your league, you may get your schedule a little under a week ahead of time. 


11. Why is there less than a full schedule posted?

For leagues that aren't sold out, we release the schedule one week at a time for the first two weeks of the season. We allow teams to join after the season starts if there is availablity but will post a full final schedule just after the second week of play.


12. What time will our games be each week?

When signing up for a league, you will play a mix of game times listed. For instance, if the league listing says game times are 6:30 to 9:30, you will get a mix of 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, and 9:30 game times throughout the season and playoffs. PSSG reserves the right to change game times by up to an hour earlier or one hour later than originally listed only if necessary.


13. Can my game time be changed?

To be fair to everyone, we will not change your game time once the schedule has been posted unless there was a mistake in the schedule or a change in field availability. Please place any schedule requests as early as possible or get in contact with the Sport Director for any extenuating circumstances.


14. When will we receive our t-shirts?

It depends on your sport. Soccer, football, and basketball teams receive a colored set of shirts at the first game to use as a uniform. These shirts are preordered and come with a mix of sizes.

The remaining sports and activities receive a t-shirt towards the end of the season. All teams receive the same shirt--this is not a uniform. The good news is that you can tell us what size shirt you want for each player by logging in as a captain before the deadline to list what size everyone needs. If you put down sizes for fewer players than are supposed to be on the field (eg: you place an order for 6 players when you need at least 10 for a softball team) we ignore this and give you a predetermined amount. We offer sizes: S, M, L, XL, and XXL.


15. Can we change our team name?

Usually. You can email your change to play@playerssports.net. Try not to make changes to your team name after the league starts.


16. Can we switch the league or level we are in?

If a schedule for your league isn't posted yet and there is room in another league or level, you may switch to a different league. Once a schedule is posted for your league, you may not change. If you're unsure of what level to register for, click on the letter of the level for a better description or contact the office for more help.


17. What is your refund policy?

Click here for our refund policy and terms: Refund Policy. Generally speaking, there are no refunds once a league becomes viable with enough teams to run a league. If you want to back out before that point, you will be charged a $25 (or 8%) processing fee for the refund, whichever is greater. If for any reason we can't run a league/class/clinic you signed up for, you'll be refunded in full.



18. How do I find out if my games are cancelled due to bad weather?

There is a weather line in place to keep you updated. Go here for a list of our weather lines: http://www.playerssports.net/home/weather.php. Please do not call our office for information on game status. As soon as we know, we update the weather line.

For weekday games we usually won't decide to play or cancel until 4:45pm to allow crews to work on the field or for a storm to pass. If weather affects game play after the first game starts, the weather line will be updated as necessary.

For weekend games, the weather line will be updated about an hour before the first game of the day.

If at any point you do not hear a message saying that games are cancelled for that day or if you hear a message that's outdated (listen carefully to the date!), then games are still on.


19. If there is a rainout, how is it handled on the schedule?

The first weekday after a rainout the schedule will be adjusted. If a whole day's games are cancelled, that whole day's schedule will be rescheduled for the last week of the season before playoffs. Partial rainouts are handled on a case by case basis.


20. What is the City of Chicago Amusement Tax?

This is a tax the city charges for amusement events at non-city/state owned facilities. We charge it and pay the city directly. If it applies to your league, you'll see a note at the bottom of the league listing letting you know.


21. What are your office hours?

We are usually open Monday through Friday from 9:00am-5:00pm. If you need to meet with someone, it's best to call or email first to be sure that someone will definitely be here.


22. What is the fee if a check bounces or is returned?

Our bank charges us $25 when it happens, so you are on the hook for whatever amount was returned plus $25 per returned check. After a check is returned, the balance must be paid via credit card or cash.

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Played many different sports with them from soccer, dodgeball, volleyball, bowling, flag football, and some of their social events. Great opportunity to play many sports at various levels. It is a friendly group that keeps you coming back to win the elusive champions fleece.

Stephen S.   

Previously just played in one of their softball leagues on Wednesday nights and I must say I had a great experience. League was organized, umpires were professional, and the staff answered all questions I needed and made team registration easy. I highly recommend their leagues!

Xavier A.    

I’ve been participating in Players volleyball tournaments for close to 6 years now and they never disappoint. They have so many leagues and tournament dates for multiple sports that I can’t wait for them to post dates so I can fill up my calendar! Lots of friendly and helpful staff and their events are a great setting to meet new people!

Liz S.   

These guys run great events and leagues! They have leagues all over the city of every different level of competition. Totally recommend them!

Niko K.   

Fantastic Social Event Platform. Players Sports is great at connecting with ALL levels of players in the Chicagoland.

Paul G.