Pickleball Standings

*NEW!* Late Winter 2024 Sunday Doubles Pickleball (Rec or Comp) @ SPF Pickleball in Lincoln Park


2v2 Rec Standings

  Team Wins Losses Win Percent
  Pickle Me Elmo
23 1 95.8
2   Dillo Dinkers 16 10 61.5
11 8 57.9
  The Pickle Monster
14 11 56.0
  The Gherkins
9 8 52.9
11 12 47.8
  Gherkin for the Weekend
7 12 36.8
  Patty's Picklers
2 19 9.5
9   Slam Dink Lob 0 16 0.0

2v2 Comp Standings

  Team Wins Losses Win Percent
  Pickle Bros
20 3 87.0
  Antonio Brown
16 4 80.0
  Dink dynasty
12 10 54.5
  Money Baby
10 9 52.6
  Saved by the Ball
8 9 47.1
  Kings of Southport
6 11 35.3
  MC Bois
4 13 23.5
  Sporty Sues
3 14 17.6
º Forfeits
Parenthesized numbers indicate wins or losses by forfeit.
When calculating Ranking Points, forfeits may be weighted differently than normal wins and losses.
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Great people and great vibes. If you're looking to get out and meet some people while having fun then Players Sports is for you. There are leagues and tournaments for a bunch of different sports. They run them for all skill levels and you get cool shirts if you win. Also a lot of free promos - they give out a lot of drinks and other stuff. Overall, very fun and very friendly environment.

Lucas M.   

For the last three years, I have been playing indoor and beach volleyball with Players Sport & Social. They are always exceptional and professional. My favorite part of the leagues is the cadence and the different formats that they offer; whether you want to play Rec vs Competitive or 2s vs 6s - they have it all! They also have referees for all of their indoor leagues, and they are prompt to email requests.

Luis A.   

Love attending the Luau tournaments they host! Such a fun environment they set up!

Ashley W.   

Players Sports Volleyball tournaments are great! Always well-organized, and fun to meet and hang out with friends.

Aaron R.   

I've been competing in their leagues and tournaments for years. Always well run and a good time.

Jahred Z.