-Coed 4's is played with 2 men & 2 women

-There must be one back row player that is not allowed to hit or block in front of the ten foot line. This player must be announced by the receiving team before the first serve of each game. After that, the player who most recently served is the designated back row player.

-No open hand tipping is allowed. Players must set the ball directly forward or directly backward when setting the ball over the net.

- All pool play matches will be 2 games to 21 with a cap at 21. There is little to no time for warm-ups in between matches. Please stay warm on the side!

-No pursuit allowed. Players are not permitted to cross onto an adjacent court, before, during or after playing a ball.

Ranking criteria:
1) game record
2) head-to-head result
3) total point differential for the pool

- The top 2 teams from each pool make the championship game for BB level teams

- The top 3 teams from each pool make the championship game for A level teams

- All playoff matchups will play ONE GAME to 21 with no cap. We reserve the right to shorten playoff games due to facility time constraints.