1. Masks are required to enter and while in common areas. Not required when playing, eating or drinking.
2. Beer is only allowed in the terrace section...absolutely no beer allowed in the gym area!
3. Spectators welcome

- All USAV rules apply for gameplay.

- All pool play matches will be 2 games to 21 with a cap at 23.

- Reverse Coed 4's is played with 2 men & 2 women on a women's height net. Men are not allowed to block or attack front row. Men are allowed to jump serve and attack back row.

- Power Coed 6's is played with 4 men & 2 women on a men's height net. There are no restrictions on gameplay.

- Ranking criteria are 1) game record, 2) head-to-head result and 3) total point differential for the pool

- The top teams from each pool advance to playoffs. Please see Tournament Central for playoff breakdowns.

- All quarterfinal playoff games will be played 1 game to 25 with no cap. The rest of the playoff matches will be match play 21/21/15 with no cap. We reserve the right to shorten playoff games due to facility time constraints.

- ***The following teams REF BEFORE they play their first match. Please plan accordingly!***

Ct 2a @ 5:40 - We Will, We Will, Block You
Ct 2b @ 5:40 - We Will, We Will, Block You
Ct 3a @ 5:40 - Omnichronic
Ct 3b @ 5:40 - Wacky waving...
Ct 4b @ 5:40 - Wacky waving...
Ct 5b @ 5:40 - Team Wisco
Ct CHb @ 5:40 - Fake Birds