Official Indoor Luau Rules

*NEW* Rosters & Waivers Required *NEW*

All players must be listed on the team roster AND must accept & sign the online waiver to be allowed to play. Captains can edit their roster by logging in at and clicking "Manage My Team." Once listed on the roster, all players can log in to sign the waiver at



Being competitive on the court/field is applauded & encouraged in all of our leagues! It is also important to understand that there is a fine line between being competitive & being unsportsmanlike. All players and referees should treat one another with respect on the field & after the game.



Every individual participating in a Players Sport & Social Group program may compete as a member of the gender that they identify with, regardless of their gender at birth. We expect all players to be respectful and honor the spirit of this policy. We are LGBTQIA+ friendly (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual and other sexualities and gender identities/expressions). 


We have found that open communication between teams is super helpful. If there is a situation that may raise some questions from opposing teams, captains are encouraged to have a quick conversation with our umpire/official before the game to ensure everyone is on the same page. At the end of the day, inclusivity is key. 




Pool Play games consist of two games played to 21 with a cap at 23. Each game counts separately in the standings, so both games will be played regardless. Rally scoring is used, meaning that a point is awarded after each rally. All matches have an allotted amount of time of 45 minutes to play two games. Warm-up time is included within this 45 minute timem slot, so be sure to warm up as much as possible before the actual start time. Playoff games are played best two out of three games (21-21-15 points) no cap.



General Rules

  • Whenever Player Sports Group rules don’t address an issue, USA Volleyball rules will be used as a default set of rules. Click here for USA Volleyball Rulebook.
  • Each team has one timeout per game that they may choose to use (thirty seconds in length).
  • Let serves (serves that contact the net and then cross to the receiving side) count as legal serves
  • A double contact by the same player while making one attempt to play the ball is allowed on the first contact on a side. This applies each time the ball crosses the net to the other side.
  • A block does not count as one of a team’s three contacts.
  • A player may not block a serve or attack a serve above the plane of the net.
  • No player may touch the net during a play, unless the ball or an opposing player causes the contact with the net. Player contact with the net in a manner not directly relating to or affecting the course of play is NOT a violation.
  • Players may reach over the net to block any attack or attempt to play the ball over the net. Other contacts can be played only once they cross into the plane of the net.
  • If games are being played on adjacent courts, players may not cross into another court. If a player crosses into an adjacent court either before, during, or after playing a ball, he or she will be called out of bounds with the point awarded to the other team.
  • Subbing is allowed in between points. All subs must be made in a consistent manner throughout a game. 
  • Officials will call to the level of play, meaning that matches will be called more tightly in “A” and “BB” divisions than in “B” and “Rec” divisions.
  • Officials will look for and call the following faults:

Carry/lift, double contact, 4 contacts, foot fault (on serve), out of bounds, back row attack, net violation, center line violation, over the net (roofing)


Specific Rules


Coed 6’s – Players must rotate clockwise through each rotation. Open hand tipping is allowed. There are no restrictions on the direction you must face when setting the ball over the net. If a 6’s team has 4 or 5 players, no ghost rule will be used. If the team has 4 players, two players must be back row players at all times, with normal rotation being used. If a team has 5 players, they rotate through the five rotations normally with three players in the front row and two in the backrow.


Coed 4’s – There must be one back row player that is not allowed to hit or block in front of the ten foot line. This player must be announced by the receiving team before the first serve of each game. After that, the player who most recently served is the designated back row player. THIS RULE IS STILL IN EFFECT FOR TEAMS WITH ONLY 3 PLAYERS. No open hand tipping is allowed. Players must set the ball directly forward or directly backward when setting the ball over the net. Teams do not have to rotate in 4's games other than keeping the correct serving order.


Mens/Women's 4’s – There are no restrictions on the amount of players allowed to attack the ball in the front row. No open hand tipping is allowed. Players must set the ball directly forward or directly backward when setting the ball over the net. Teams do not have to rotate in 4's games other than keeping the correct serving order.


Reverse Coed 4's – Plays with 2 men & 2 women on a women's net. Men are not allowed to attack in front of the ten foot line or block. Men are allowed to jump serve and attack behind the ten foot line.


Power Coed 6's  Plays with 4 men & 2 women. Open hand tipping is allowed. There are no restrictions on the direction you must face when setting the ball over the net.


Playoff Information


Teams will make the playoffs based on Pool Play Results (not every team makes playoffs). Teams will be seeded based on the following criteria:

1)         Game record is used to determine place in standings and will be used to determine playoff seeding.

2)         If two teams are tied in game record:

a.         Head to head results

b.         Overall Point Differential


Playoffs are single elimination. Depending on the size of the playoff bracket:


Quaterfinals will be 1 Game to 25 points no cap.


Semi-Finals & Finals will be match play. Best two of three games (21-21-15 points) no cap.


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Great people and great vibes. If you're looking to get out and meet some people while having fun then Players Sports is for you. There are leagues and tournaments for a bunch of different sports. They run them for all skill levels and you get cool shirts if you win. Also a lot of free promos - they give out a lot of drinks and other stuff. Overall, very fun and very friendly environment.

Lucas M.   

For the last three years, I have been playing indoor and beach volleyball with Players Sport & Social. They are always exceptional and professional. My favorite part of the leagues is the cadence and the different formats that they offer; whether you want to play Rec vs Competitive or 2s vs 6s - they have it all! They also have referees for all of their indoor leagues, and they are prompt to email requests.

Luis A.   

Love attending the Luau tournaments they host! Such a fun environment they set up!

Ashley W.   

Players Sports Volleyball tournaments are great! Always well-organized, and fun to meet and hang out with friends.

Aaron R.   

I've been competing in their leagues and tournaments for years. Always well run and a good time.

Jahred Z.