Curling Rules

*NEW* Rosters & Waivers Required *NEW* - All players must be listed on the team roster AND must accept & sign the online waiver to be allowed to play. Captains can edit their roster by logging in at and clicking "Manage My Team." Once listed on the roster, all players can log in to sign the waiver at

Sportsmanship - Being competitive on the field is applauded & encouraged in all of our leagues! It is also important to understand that there is a fine line between being competitive & being unsportsmanlike. All players and referees should treat one another with respect on the field & after the game. Everyone has to go to work tomorrow, so please keep safety & sportsmanship in mind out there!

Inclusivity - Every individual participating in a Players Sport & Social Group program may compete as a member of the gender that they identify with, regardless of their gender at birth. We expect all players to be respectful and honor the spirit of this policy. We are LGBTQIA+ friendly (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual and other sexualities and gender identities/expressions). 

We have found that open communication between teams is super helpful. If there is a situation that may raise some questions from opposing teams, captains are encouraged to have a quick conversation with our umpire/official before the game to ensure everyone is on the same page. At the end of the day, inclusivity is key. 


 Teams consist of 4 players. Teams who have more than 4 players may rotate between games but the same 4 players must complete each game. If a teammate is missing, one substitute can be recruited to play or the player may play alone.

• There are no gender rules. Teams may consist of 2 men, 2 women, 4 men and 4 women or any combination of this


Mini Curling provides you with the chance to play curling without the brooms and on the ice!  

Each team begins with a total of 4 stones (stones are the blue and red pieces that travel on the board). The aim is to have more stones closer to the button (the red target) than your opponent after each round when all 8 stones have been thrown. 


• Players will slide 4 stones each. 

• Opposing team members will shoot side by side at both ends of the board.

• Players on each side will alternate rounds, clearing the board of all stones before a new round is commenced at the other side.  


• Flip a coin or play Rock, Paper, and Scissors to see who goes first. 

• Players then alternate sliding stones, aiming for the house (circular target) so they come to rest past the farthest hog line - the area of the  board with the red dotted line

• When sliding the stone to the opposite side of the board, your hand must not pass the first hog line (the line closest to the side you are shooting from). 

• Every stone which falls into the gutter or doesn’t pass the farthest hog line, (the second hog line furthest from you) are removed from play.  


• Teams will be awarded points for landing their stones in the target zone

• 5 points will be awarded to a player with a "Full Cover". This is when your stones cover's the open ice inside of the red circle.

• 3 points will be awarded to a player who lands their stone on the red circle

• 2 points will be awarded to a player who lands their stone on the white circle

• 1 point will be awarded to a player who lands their stone on the blue circle

 Points will be awarded if any part of the stone is touching a scoring area. 

The game ends when the first team gets to a total of 15 points. The team who scores 15 points first must also win the game by two (2) points

• Once a team reaches 15 points, the other team may still finish the round of 4 stones to try to tie or win.  Again the winning team must win by two (2) points.

• If after the allocated 30 minute game time, neither team has reached 15 points, the team leading after the last round of sliding will be declared the winner.

Playoffs and Tie-Breaking Procedures

Teams will be seeded for playoffs based on regular season record.  At the end of the season all captains are responsible for confirming their team’s end of season team record.  Once playoff brackets are posted and playoff games are played the tournament seeding will not be changed.  If there is an incorrect score posted for your team, the captain is responsible for notifying the league office prior to the playoffs being played.

For ties involving two teams:

1.        Head to head result

2.        Least amount of forfeits

3.        Overall match record

4.        Highest combined winning percentage of teams defeated

5.        Earliest sign up date/time

For ties involving more than two teams:

1.        Head to head record vs. all tied teams

2.        Head to head match record vs. all tied teams

3.        Least amount of forfeits

4.        Highest combined winning percentage of tied teams defeated

5.        Earliest sign up date/time

 Rules may be adjusted at any time by PSSG office staff.

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