Basketball Rules

*NEW* Rosters & Waivers Required *NEW*

All players must be listed on the team roster AND must accept & sign the online waiver to be allowed to play. Captains can edit their roster by logging in at and clicking "Manage My Team." Once listed on the roster, all players can log in to sign the waiver at



Being competitive on the field is applauded & encouraged in all of our leagues! It is also important to understand that there is a fine line between being competitive & being unsportsmanlike. All players and referees should treat one another with respect on the field & after the game. Everyone has to go to work tomorrow, so please keep safety & sportsmanship in mind out there!



Every individual participating in a Players Sport & Social Group program may compete as a member of the gender that they identify with, regardless of their gender at birth. We expect all players to be respectful and honor the spirit of this policy. We are LGBTQIA+ friendly (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual and other sexualities and gender identities/expressions). 


We have found that open communication between teams is super helpful. If there is a situation that may raise some questions from opposing teams, captains are encouraged to have a quick conversation with our umpire/official before the game to ensure everyone is on the same page. At the end of the day, inclusivity is key. 


Game Play

  1. Games will consist of two 20-minute running halves. Time will only stop for timeouts, and in the last minute of the second half. Time will not stop in the last minute of the second half if the point spread is 10 or more points.
  2. One timeout per game for each team is allowed
  3. Single Bonus begins on the 7th foul. Double bonus begins on the 10th foul.
  4. A player is automatically ejected from the game if they receive two technical fouls.
  5. The league reserves the right to suspend any player that receives two technical fouls in one game, or that is ejected for a flagrant foul or unsportsmanlike conduct.
  6. Team Size: Teams can have an unlimited number of players on their roster. 4 players are needed to avoid a forfeit. In coed leagues, the normal breakdown of players is 3 males and 2 females. A game can be played with only 1 female. In this case, the team could still only have a MAX of 3 males on the court. Teams ARE allowed to play with more than 2 females on the court at a given time.
  7. Substitutions: Each team is allowed unlimited substitutions when ball is not in play. Referee must be notified of request to substitute players.
  8. Timing Violations:
    • a) Front court violation results if ball goes back into the backcourt and is re-secured.
    • b) 3-second rule: no player may remain within the free throw lane for over 3 seconds while on offense. One foot in, or on, the lanes line will constitute that player being in the lane.
    • c) 5-second rule: no player may hold or dribble in the front court while closely guarded for 5+ seconds.
    • d) 10-second rule: team gaining possession in its backcourt must progress into the front court in 10 seconds. Timing violations result in a change of possession.
  9. Throw-ins: Following a score, the opposing team may throw-in anywhere behind the end line. Following an out of bounds infraction or non-shooting foul, the ball is given to the opponent by the referee at the spot near where the violation occurred. The in-bounding player must:
    • a) Release the ball without breaking the lane of the playing court.
    • b) Release the ball (by throwing) within 5 seconds.
    • c) Not move from the designated throw-in spot. Following a technical foul free throw, the offended team receives the ball at mid court. Following an intentional foul free throw, the offended team receives the ball near the infraction.
  10. Contact: To hold, push trip or charge into an opponent is illegal contact. This must be tempered with the fact that fast movement in a restricted area will result in some physical contact. When no advantage is gained from contact, it is generally to be overlooked. a) Responsibility: The first player to establish a position on the court without contact has priority. The player moving into the path of another player when contact occurs is generally responsible for contact. Players have right to all space within their vertical base (e.g. over the back fouls) b) Fouls: Players called for illegal contact will be charged with a personal foul. Each player may accrue up to five personal fouls a game prior to disqualification. A common foul occurs away from the ball and does no affect attempted shots.
  11. Free-throws: Penalty shots are awarded as follows: a) one free throw for a shooter whose goal is successful and is fouled while shooting. b) Two free throws for a shooter whose attempted goal is unsuccessful or any intentional foul. c) One free throw plus an additional free throw (one and one) for a common foul after the bonus rule goes into effect. - if the first shot is successful, the second free throw is allowed - if the first free throw is missed, play continues d) No free throws are awarded for common fouls prior to the bonus or for double fouls e) Intentional and flagrant fouls are two shot free throws. Opponents and teammates may not touch the ball until the free throw has touched the rim. Players from either team must remain in position along the lane until the ball leaves the shooters hands. Opponents are assigned the first space from the basket on either side of the lane.
  12. Technical Foul: Technical fouls are generally committed when the ball is dead: a) disrespectfully addressing or contacting a referee. b) Unsportsmanlike language, gestures, etc. c) Delaying tactics: after a score or before a throw-in. d) More than 5 players on the court. e) Fighting/roughhousing. Single technical fouls will result with the opposing team receiving two free throws with no other players along the lane area. The opposing team will receive the ball back at center court. In the case of a double technical, play will resume from the point of interruption
  13. Bonus Rule: A running tally is made as each team accrues fouls throughout the each half. When a team has more than seven fouls, one and one free throws are awarded for every common foul thereafter. Once the team reaches 10 fouls, two free throws are awarded for every common foul thereafter. The bonus returns to zero at the start of the second half.
  14. Jump Ball: Jump balls will be awarded by a tip off between each team. The tip off will take place in one of three sections on the court; center or at top of either key depending on what section there was a jump ball. The following will result in a jump ball:
    • a) the ball is held steady between two opposing players.
    • b) The ball goes out of bounds and there is uncertainty regarding last contact.
    • c) The ball settles on the basket support.
    • d) A double foul is charged.
    • e) A simultaneous free throw violation by opposing players.
  15. Traveling: A violation involving moving the feet in excess of two steps without dribbling the ball or moving the pivot foot. Traveling results in a loss of possession.
  16. Goaltending: A violation for touching a shot while it is in its downward path and above the rim, or when the ball makes contact with the backboard on its path to the basket. Appropriate points are awarded to the offended team.
  17. Uniforms: Players must wear shirts of the same color family. All T-shirts Must have numbers on the back.
  18. Overtime: If the game is tied at the end of regulation, a two-minute overtime period would be played. Foul counts are extended from the second half and one additional timeout is given to each team (in addition to any timeouts were unused). The clock only stops in the last minute of overtime and only if the score differential is single-digits. If a game is tied at the end of overtime, it is recorded as a TIE due to time/rental constraints. If a game is tied after regulation in the playoffs, an unlimited number of one-minute overtime periods will be played after the first 2-minute overtime period with the same rules as the regular overtime.
  19. During the regular season it is ok for team captains  to ask players from other teams to “Sub or Fill In” open slots on game day, to avoid forfeit. In the playoffs, a player can only participate and play for one team.  If a player is found playing on two or more teams in the playoffs all games are subject to forfeit.

  20. FORFEITS: If your team forfeits a match during the season, the following rules apply:
    • First Offense: game recorded as loss and warning issued.
    • Second Offense: game recorded as loss and PSG staff reserves the right to remove team from league and playoffs with no refund for games not played.
    • Third Offense: Removal from the league and playoffs with no refund for games not played

If you know in advance that your team is going to forfeit a game, we encourage you to call our office so as to help us schedule your opponent a game however this does not mean that your team will not receive the loss as a forfeit. All teams should bring a game ball to play with. During the regular season it is ok for team captains  to ask players from other teams to “Sub or Fill In” open slots on game day, to avoid forfeit. In the playoffs, a player can only participate and play for one team.  If a player is found playing on two or more teams in the playoffs all games are subject to forfeit.  Players must play in a minimum of one regular season game to be eligible for playoffs.

21. All leagues that have 12 or more teams will be split into a Flight A & Flight B Playoff Bracket.  At the end of the season all captains are responsible for confirming their team’s end of season team record.  Once playoff brackets are posted and playoff games are played the tournament seeding will not be changed.  If there is an incorrect score posted for your team, the captain is responsible for notifying the league office prior to the playoffs being played.


Basketball Playoff Seeding Rules:


1)         Winning percentage is used to determine place in the standings and will be used to determine playoff seeding.

2)         If two teams are tied in winning percentage/game record:

            a.       Head to head result(s)

            b.       Overall point differential (10-run max per game)

            c.        Least number of forfeits

            d.       Earliest sign up date/time

3)         If three or more teams are tied in game record:

            a.        Head to head game record versus all tied teams

            b.        Overall point differential (10-run max per game)

            c.         Least number of forfeits

            d.        Earliest sign up date/time


FFC Gold Coast League - Roster Information

- We must submit a weekly roster for each team to FFC. The people at the front desk will check the name on the ID against your roster. Each    player MUST appear on the roster to be allowed into the facility. If you plan to bring subs (which is permissible during the regular season),      they must be on your roster online. 


  Any of the above rules are subject to change at any time without notice at the discretion of Players Sports Group. 1/1/20 SB.

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Great people and great vibes. If you're looking to get out and meet some people while having fun then Players Sports is for you. There are leagues and tournaments for a bunch of different sports. They run them for all skill levels and you get cool shirts if you win. Also a lot of free promos - they give out a lot of drinks and other stuff. Overall, very fun and very friendly environment.

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For the last three years, I have been playing indoor and beach volleyball with Players Sport & Social. They are always exceptional and professional. My favorite part of the leagues is the cadence and the different formats that they offer; whether you want to play Rec vs Competitive or 2s vs 6s - they have it all! They also have referees for all of their indoor leagues, and they are prompt to email requests.

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