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Indoor Volleyball (Year Round)

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Beach Volleyball (May - Oct)

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Grass Volleyball (May - Sept)

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Indoor Volleyball Leagues Start Soon!

Indoor Volleyball Leagues Start Soon!

Bump, set & spike your way through a Players indoor league this season! Players runs the BEST adult volleyball leagues in Chicago! Join our hundreds of returning teams each season! PSG offers a variety of 6's and 4's leagues for coed, women's & men's teams of all skill levels.  All of our indoor leagues include a qualified ref. We use refs who know how to call a fair game while still allowing everyone to have a good time. Get your team signed up today!


Volleyball leagues are filling up fast!



Monday @ Windy City Fieldhouse

Coed 4's, Men's 4's, Women's 6's 

Starts in March!


Monday @ St. Andrew Gym

Coed 4's & Coed 6's

Starts in April!


Tuesday @ St. Andrew Gym

Coed 6's, Coed 4's 

Starts in March!


Wednesday @ Windy City Fieldhouse

Coed 6's, Coed 4's, Men's 4's, Women's 4's 

Starts in March!


Wednesday @ St. Andrew Gym

Coed 6's A, BB or B

Starts in April!


Thursday @ St. Andrew Gym

Coed 6's A, BB or B

Starts in March!


Sunday @ Windy City Fieldhouse

Coed 6's, Coed 4's 

Starts in April!


What's Coming Up?

















Classes are taught by Volleyball Professionals in conjunction with the EVP Tour. Ross Balling owns EVP & teaches some of the classes himself!


Indoor Skills & Drills 101 & 201

Beginner and Intermediate level - 8 weeks  


Indoor Spiking 201

Specialty Class - 8 weeks


Pre-Season Doubles 201

Specialty Class - 8 weeks

Upcoming Volleyball Tournaments

Upcoming Volleyball Tournaments

Players is your one-stop shop for all things volleyball! We run tourneys year round in Chicago & the Midwest! Choose from beach & grass in the summer or indoor in the fall, winter & spring! Follow the links for more info!


Next Tournaments:

3/9 - Shamrock Indoor Luau @ Adversity - Register Here!

3/22 - Friday Men's & Women's 4's Series @ Windy City Fieldhouse - Register Here!

4/6 - Spring Indoor Luau @ Top Flight - Register Here!

5/4 - Indoor Luau Championships @ Top Flight - Register Here! 

5/11 - Players Beach Series #1 @ North Avenue Beach - Register Here!


View all upcoming volleyball tournaments!


Featured Events

2019 Players Beach Series - 5/11, 5/19, 6/1, 6/16, 6/30, 7/7, 7/21, 8/10, 8/24, 8/31, 9/8, 9/21

2019 Grass Series - 5/18, 6/22, 7/20, 8/17, 9/7, 10/12

2019 Beach Slap - 6/8/19 at North Avenue Beach in Chicago

2019 Juniors Beach Events - 6/16, 6/30, 7/7, 7/21, 8/10

2019 Luau Milwaukee - 6/22/19 & 8/17/19 in Milwaukee

2019 Big Dig - 8/3/19 at North Avenue Beach in Chicago

2019 Luau Chicago - 9/7/19 at Sydney Marovitz Golf Course in Chicago

2018/2019 Luau Indoor Series - 11/3/18, 12/1/18, 1/19/19, 3/9/19, 4/6/19 & 5/4/19



Team Payer


Reserve your team's spot for $100!


1. Put down a deposit to hold your spot in the league (before the payment deadline)


2. Send requests to your teammates to pay their portion online directly to us


3. After the payment deadline, any remaining balance gets charged to the card used to make the deposit


Click here for our complete Team Payment Policy.

Find a Bar Sponsor for Your Team!

Find a Bar Sponsor for Your Team!

These Bars Want to Sponsor You!

Collect $$$ towards your league fees, team t-shirts & discounts on food/drink each night at the bar.  Click here to view a list of bars that want to sponsor your team!

No Team?

No Team?

No team? No problem! Register as an individual or in a small group of friends and get placed on a team with other individuals. We place 98% of the people who register with us. Playing as an indy is a great way to meet people and make new friends! Email our indy coordinator with specific questions!


Click here for more on how the INDY process works!


Starting Soon...



Bowling @ King's Bowl in Lincoln Park


Sun, Mon, Wed, Thurs night leagues

Teams bowl 3 rounds of 4 games per night

Leagues include shoes!



Volleyball @ Windy City Fieldhouse


Sun, Mon & Wed night league options

 Coed, men's & women's divisions

Leagues start in March!





Kickball @ North Avenue Turf


8 week social kickball leagues

Tues & Thurs nights on the Turf!

Leagues start in April!



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Corporate Leagues, Tourneys & Events

Corporate Leagues, Tourneys & Events

Players Sport & Social Group runs leagues, tournaments & events in Chicago for dozens of companies & other private groups every year. Why spend your time trying to learn out how to run a volleyball tournament when we have been doing them for years? Why spend your energy and resources starting a flag league for your corporation when we've already got everything you need? Fill out our interest form here to get the process started!


Volleyball Message Board

This forum is intended for captains & players looking to fill team spots, find subs or find a team for Players Sport & Social Group Volleyball leagues. All other posts will be removed.



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