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Ski & See Europe 2017


This is hands-down the best trip I have ever planned!  Never before have I been able to couple both a #1 ski resort with a #1 travel destination. For 2017 we are heading to the #1 ski resort in the world, ZermattSwitzerland.  When people dream of skiing in Europe...the place they are dreaming about is Zermatt!  Zermatt is the jewel in Switzerland's crown and simply is the most beautiful ski village in the world and looks like it was created for a medieval movie set. But it is real and just happens to have some of the Alps best skiing.  

For our optional extension we are heading to the exotic kingdom of Morocco! Morocco is the world's #1 desired and fastest growing travel destination. The country is a living museum of history dating back thousands of years. Morocco is where many nations have clashed and the results have formed one of the worlds most fascinating cultures. I was fortunate enough to visit Morocco in 2008 and it was an unbelievable experience. I have been wanting to take our group there ever since and I am very excited to finally be able to do so!

Below is all the information regarding both legs of the trip.  Hope you can join the group in 2017 for this amazing combinations of destinations!  


Trip Leader,

Gary Hazan



Zermatt, Switzerland
Zermatt Only - Fri. Jan 27th - Sat. Feb 4th
Zermatt & Morocco - Fri. Jan 27th - Wed. Feb 8th

If you can visit just one European ski village in your lifetime then Zermatt is the place you have to choose! When most people think of Zermatt, they think of one thing: The Matterhorn. This ultimate Swiss icon looms over Zermatt and has been drawing visitors since the early 1800's. The village of Zermatt is the quintessential Swiss village, with old-fashioned weathered beaten chalets, cobble stoned winding streets in the village and old farmhouses dotting the slopes. 

You can walk from one end of the town to the other in about fifteen minutes, which is handy because no cars are allowed on the local streets. The town does, however, have one of the best networks of alpine cable cars, gondolas,and cog railways in Europe. Because more snow falls on Zermatt than on most other winter resorts in Europe great ski conditions are all but guaranteed.

Zermatt has some of the most lively apres ski and nightlife in all of the Alps. Late afternoons  are spent dancing in your ski boots followed by partying at one of the many bars and clubs until the wee hours of the morning. Zermatt also seamlessly connects to the ski village ofCervinia, Italy. We can easily ski in Italy for the day, have an Italian lunch and then be back in Switzerland in time for apres ski. 

Note: For those only choosing to do the ski portion your stay in Zermatt will be seven nights, departing Saturday morning for your return flight home. Those of us going on to Morocco will have a six night stay in Zermatt. As an added bonus for those going on to Morocco we will be heading out after breakfast on Friday and spend several hours sightseeing Milan, Italy before heading to the airport. The extension to Morocco will be a five night extension!  No early wake-up call for our departure.

Morocco Extension
Friday, February 3rd - Wednesday, February 8th

Morocco has a rich culture steeped in ancient history, and many tourist activities involve simply witnessing daily life, whether in the country or in town. Moroccan cities are things of beauty unto themselves and the marketplaces alone are worth the trip. A land of spice-scented mystery and medieval kasbahs, Morocco puts your senses on high alert. There is so much to discover in Morocco; from the colors, smells and food, to the fascinating culture. 

The country is a magic carpet ride of extremes, from the labyrinth of alleyways to High Atlas Mountains which soar to 14,000 feet. We will visit many of Morocco's top highlights including Fez,where we will 

be whisked back to the Middle Ages, where donkey carts rattle down the streets of the walled medinas. You will swear you woke up in the 1400's! Your senses will be on high alert with everything there is to see, smell and experience in Fez.  We will also visit another Imperial city of  Meknes, which was the heart of Morocco in the 14th century. Its impressive buildings reflect its heritage and will give us a feel of Moroccan life in medievaltimes. We will also visit the  Roman ruin of  Volubilis.  This incredible ancient site dates back 2300 years ago.

From there we will also visit Chefchaouenbetter known as the blue city (pictured left). Nearly the entire city is awash in  shades of blue. Plan to bring an extra suitcase because the shoppingopportunities are endless in Morocco. Hand-made rugs, spice markets,  leather 

markets, crafts, woodworking are just some of the ancient skills they still practice in Morocco.

We will experience first-hand the beauty of Morocco's Atlas mountains which soar to almost 14,000 feet. They are a sight to behold! The food in Morocco is nothing short of spectacular! You’ll probably be able to smell the herbs and spices baked into the local food before you sit down to eat it. Moroccan dishes include tagine stews and couscous and are prepared with locally raised fish, chicken or lamb and vegetables. 

Morocco is a magical country that shouldn't be missed!


Zermatt Only
Includes: 7 night stay in a double room, 7 breakfasts, 6 dinners, round trip airfare (incl. taxes) from Chicago or San Diego. Round Trip airport transfers.

Cost before Septmeber 15th:  $2397 / 

Cost after September 15th:  $2497

7 night Single room supplement: $185 

*Air tax not included and may adjust slightly - $130

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Zermatt & Morocco 

Includes: 11 night stay (6 nights in Zermatt & 5 nights in Morocco) , 11 breakfasts, 5 dinners, round trip airfare from Chicago or San Diego, flight to Morocco,  English speaking guides in Morocco, Entrances to several major sights with guide in Morocco, round trip transfers in Switzerland and all bus transfers between cities and sights in Morocco.

Cost before September 15th :  $3118


Cost after September 15th:  $3218

6-night single room supplement in Zermatt -  $158
5-night single room supplement in Morocco - $215

*Air tax not included and may adjust slightly - $168

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