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Players Beach Series #6 Registered Teams

Updated at 7 AM on Saturday 7/8/17.


Team Name Last Name Division Name Partner Name
Ace Kickers Cecchin Coed 2's A Christophe DuPont
Chacon/Meyer Meyer Coed 2's A Alaina Chacon
Mangs Josupait Coed 2's A Carl Gan
Sneaky & Geeky Ouk Coed 2's A Chris George
Spoiled Milk Due Coed 2's A Kyle Due
Zombie Monkeys  Allen Coed 2's A  
Block Party Koors Coed 2's B Renee Andreatta
MacDay MacBride Coed 2's B Carly Day
Porkchop & Cupcake Brantner Coed 2's B Kim Mays
Team fantastic Asprec Coed 2's B Tony Gawron
A & K Schoenle Coed 2's BB Adam Wakely
Candioto/Stasierowski Candioto Coed 2's BB Nicole Stasierowski
Hermanators Fruendt Coed 2's BB Ariel Fruendt
Jemily Fahberg Steinberg Coed 2's BB Emily Fahey
Not That Good Limjoco Coed 2's BB Mel Fyda
Sugar & Spike Janeway Coed 2's BB Carla Tietz
Team Papi Zanotti Coed 2's BB Morgan Reardon
The Big Redhawks Reinfranck Coed 2's BB Clark Reinfranck
The Harrisons Covert Coed 2's BB Jessica Lee
Served with Ice hundman Coed 4's B  
Sofa King Basic Kolesar Coed 4's B  
Southern Illinois Finest  Millenbine Coed 4's B John Trotter
Tardy Tots Zale Coed 4's B  
D2 grangaard Men's 2's A David Gerig
F-2 Sahagian Men's 2's A  
Moran/Truong Truong Men's 2's A  
Short Shorts Dolzan Men's 2's A Riley Stichter
The DT Special Kopacz Men's 2's A Dan Cantone
The Other Team Avery Men's 2's A Dewey Johnson
TJ Tatar Men's 2's A Lukasz Janowicz
Bucs1 Gaston Men's 2's BB  
J Town Vergel Men's 2's BB Brian Lyman
Mustangs  Graham Men's 2's BB  
Overkill Yeung Men's 2's BB Clinton Liang
Babich/Lathan Babich Women's 2's A Jess Lathan
Barks Niedospial Women's 2's A Jocelynn Birks
Don't Be A Wuss Wronski Women's 2's A Katie Meyers
Foslund/Nachtigall Nachtigall Women's 2's A Eileen Foslund
Hickey/Meert Meert Women's 2's A Kaitlyn Hickey
Knees of Steel Falknor Women's 2's A Victoria Zimmerman
Sautéed Veggies Chaudhry Women's 2's A Becka Gonyo
Scuba Squad Lauterbach Women's 2's A Savannah Pillow
The Number 2s Davito Women's 2's A Jillian Carlberg 
Trish & Adriana LoVerde Women's 2's A Adriana Monasterio
BettyAndVeronica Bono Women's 2's B Christine Demark
FM Mraovich Women's 2's B Kim Funk
JC Church Women's 2's B Jackie Werle
The As Gordon Women's 2's B Alexis Miller
Double Trouble Liang Women's 2's BB  
Hawk Sortino Women's 2's BB  
Sandlot players Bol Women's 2's BB Cami
Ariah/Emily Ojeda Women's 2's Open Emily Carroll
Brooke/Caroline  Cordes Women's 2's Open Brooke burling
Em&Bij Hunt Women's 2's Open Emily Petrosko
Filipski/Jablonski Filipski Women's 2's Open Katie Jablonski
Janson/Paasch Janson Women's 2's Open Lisa Paasch
Chicago Volleyball Club  Teresi Boys 16U  
PR BLIZZARD Steffen Boys 16U  
Zbroszczyk/Ehlers Ehlers Boys 16U  
Zeus Volleyball Club Gusis Boys 16U  
Brisa/Rogan Palter Girls 16U  
CG Beach Bums Csoka Girls 16U  
Gilbert and Telford  Gilbert Girls 16U  
Kintner/Cho Kintner Girls 16U  
Seno/Pfister Seno Girls 16U  
Smiths Smith Girls 16U  
Team One Sana Girls 16U  
Emily and Steph Davis Girls 18U  
Skyhawks Arber Girls 18U  
Team One Reppar Girls 18U  


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