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PBS Championships Registered Teams List

Updated at 10:30 AM on Friday 9/22/17.


Team Name Last Name Division Name Partner
Volley Llamas Kraut Coed 2's A Jana Kunz
FlexApex Staudt Coed 2's A Lindsey Swansby
Los Churros NOVAK Coed 2's A  
Funky Cracker Aumann Coed 2's A Bob Hall
Spider Pigs Allen Coed 2's A Ryan Kwiatkowski
CHIN 4 THE WIN + SCOTTY Chin Coed 2's A  
Chevlin Devlin Coed 2's B  
Lauren wants 1 Pumpkin Spiced Latte Dunagan Coed 2's B Lauren Stumpe
Tattoo you  Anselm Coed 2's B Tom Baldwin 
Bonnie & Clyde Machones Coed 2's B Nadia Bibbs
Set to Kill Theiss Coed 2's B  
Docs of Doom Haverty Coed 2's BB Jess Leek
 Beat The Harrisons  Hollister Coed 2's BB Heather Winnan
VS Dabrowski Coed 2's BB Szymon Gierut
Katie Prodoehl Carried Us Cubberley Coed 2's BB Marisa Kersten
Team AF randjelovic Coed 2's BB Candice Grant 
just put it in Danielson Oberlander Coed 2's BB Dee Phou
A & K Schoenle Coed 2's BB Adam Wakely
En Fuego Nauert Coed 2's BB Chris Nauert
Melissa/Jake Sobkoviak Coed 2's BB  
Kinky Sets Gutierrez Coed 4's B  
Four play Schroeder Coed 4's B  
JAAK Mercado Coed 4's B  
Washed Up Silva Coed 4's B  
Baby spikes Vermeer Coed 4's Rec  
Pancakes  Bell Coed 4's Rec  
Meerkats Szleszynski Men's 2's A Matt Jarosz
Jams Welter Men's 2's A Keegan Harris
Blips and Chitz McNall Men's 2's A Ian Kelsey
About to beat us Maassen Men's 2's A Kevin Davidson
Rhody/Einhorn  Rhody Men's 2's A Keith Einhorn 
Explosive Rubber Duckies Vu Men's 2's A Colby Magorien
Team Zmolek Men's 2's A Jack Nickle
Lions of the beach Sa Men's 2's A Andy Evans
That's What She Set tokarz Men's 2's A Thomas Blanchette
Marky Mark Vildgorn Men's 2's A Mark Stevens
Grangaard/Harrison Harrison Men's 2's A David Grangaard
2K Kuzmicki Men's 2's A  
Gimmie A Bump Piemonte Men's 2's A  
Maxton/Truong Truong Men's 2's A  
Spano/Huynh huynh Men's 2's A  
Crushed Gephart Men's 2's A Daniel rush 
Tango & Cash  muniz Men's 2's B Ryan lay
Volley Llamas Jacobson Men's 2's B Nick Marshall
One Pass Rodriguez Men's 2's B Kevin Tubb
2 Pack Leeson Men's 2's B Felipe Thomen
We Don't Dive Mendel Men's 2's B Nate Nesbit
ManChestHair United Giachetti Men's 2's B Logan Timmons
Sand, sweat and beers Sharp Men's 2's BB Fred Hansen
Karpie/Slavin Slavin Men's 2's BB Mike Karpie
Howard / Hales Hales Men's 2's BB Mike Howard 
TheBoysAreBack Minyakov Men's 2's BB  
Lizard Brain Leduc Men's 2's BB Stefan Davidson
Bucs1 Gaston Men's 2's BB  
Maksym/Tomas  Gladun Men's 2's Open Tomas Goldsmith 
Ray Smash Joyce Men's 2's Open Ray Birtcher
Buehring/McCarthy Buehring Men's 2's Open Matteo McCarthy
No Limits McDermott Men's 2's Open Alex McDermott
The Tims Karstens Men's 2's Open Tim Falknor 
WashedUp Gottlieb Men's 2's Open  
Simpson Sokol Simpson Men's 2's Open Steve Sokol
Tommy& Sasha Gortych Men's 2's Open  
The Army/Navy Game Jung Women's 2's A Ashley Musser
Prost/Chambers Prost Women's 2's A Kelsey Chambers
PassnHitties Jessen Women's 2's A April Krzus
Ortiz/Dippy ortiz Women's 2's A April Dippy
DelZenero Severyn DelZenero Women's 2's A Severyn
Bumpin Uglies Hee Women's 2's A Bevin Murdock 
Nachtigall/Foslund  foslund Women's 2's A Nachtigall 
Lee/Miller Lee Women's 2's A Mallory Miller
Booty Shakes Chaudhry Women's 2's A Becka Gonyo
Lil Rookies Sabaduquia Women's 2's B Amanda Moran
Double Tace Day Women's 2's B Deanna Day
IOS Welter Women's 2's BB Jacey Keeney
Climate Change Is Real Fitzpatrick Women's 2's BB Anne Sophie Daloz
Whitney Dingrando Women's 2's BB Whitney Hendrickson
Team One - Firnett / Roney Firnett Women's 2's Open Laurel Roney
Crankshaw/Dabrowski Crankshaw Women's 2's Open Magda Dabrowski
Jungnickel/O'Connor Jungnickel Women's 2's Open Erin O'Connor
Eddy/Ornopia  Eddy Women's 2's Open Rosanne Ornopia 
Maryna/ Lisa Howard Women's 2's Open Maryna Samoday
Rajcan/McNally McNally Women's 2's Open Viera Rajcan


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